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When people gather together for mutual benefit, in a safe environment, a certain power and magic occurs. In group, one can receive life-enhancing help one minute and turn around and give valuable feedback to someone else the next. Taking part in a group provides a dynamic, supportive environment for learning new skills. Over time a group becomes a small community, so that many members come to see their group as the focal point of the week. In addition, group treatment is cost-effective; costing roughly one-third that of individual therapy.

Group is especially indicated when one wants to learn how to:

  • Enhance their personal relationships
  • Feel more confidant and feel less anxious
  • Learn more about emotions in an exploratory environment that is safe
  • Communicate more effectively with others
Group members usually join group with one or more of the above four areas as reasons. Members may have a history of addiction, sexual trauma, or chronic anxiety. In the group these areas are addressed as well as the above four core areas. Group members are both male and female, generally between 30 and 50 years old and may or may not have had individual therapy experience.

Our groups are practically based, in that members practice effective communication skills, assertiveness, and relating with each other in the here and now.

Paul Cashman is a Clinical Member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association and holds the additional designation of Certified Group Psychotherapist.

Mr. Cashman currently co-leads two groups on a weekly basis.

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