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"When we connect with our emotions directly, we have the possibility of tapping into the tremendous clarity, heart, intelligence and potency inherent in our experience. Any person can do this, at any moment in time." Paul Cashman, Cologne, Germany - April 2008.


Paul Cashman has been a faculty member of the Naropa University Masterís Program in Contemplative Psychology and is currently a core faculty member of Karuna Training, a post graduate Institute in Germany, France and Holland, where he teaches weekend or weeklong seminars 3-4 times per year. He also gives seminars throughout North America, most recently at a Dalhousie University dental faculty retreat and at a seminar co-sponsored by Spaulding University in Louisville, Kentucky.

In October 2004 Paul gave the keynote address and workshop at the Province of New Brunswick's annual addictions conference. He has been a guest on numerous occasions on public and private television and radio for his expertise on addictions and emotional intelligence. Mr. Cashman has supervised staff and students since 1980 and currently leads a supervision group of health practitioners in Halifax.

  • The Journal of Contemplative Psychology, Volume V "A Team Approach to Treating Psychosis in the Community", Cashman, Herrick and Levitt, 1986.
  • "Embracing Strong Emotions" article appearing in "The Dot", an international quarterly of Shambhala International, June 2003.
  • "Addictions", lead article in Health Canada newsletter March 2006.

Partial list of workshops given recently:

  • Embracing the Energy of Emotions
  • Speaking From the Heart, A Workshop on Constructive Communication
  • Five Personality Theory, Intelligence and Obstacles
  • Contemplative Psychology: Incorporating the Principles of Meditation into Recovery and Everyday Life
  • How to Effectively Work With Strong and Persistent Emotions
  • Skillful Means of Contemplative Psychology
  • The Caregiver and Connecting with Intrinsic Health
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