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Paul Cashman M.A. (Psych), Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP) and Certified Clinical Supervisor (CCS) in addictions. University of Vienna 1971-72, B.A. St. Johnís University 1974, M.A. Psychology Naropa University 1978, Post Graduate Fellow, 1983-85.

Paul has been a psychotherapist, counsellor, supervisor and educator in mental health and addictions since 1978. He was a founding team leader with Maitri Psychological Services, an innovative mental health treatment program. Later he worked for provincial and federal drug dependency agencies as a therapist and supervisor. In addition, he specializes in anger and stress management, communication in relationships and working with emotions effectively.

Currently, Mr. Cashman is one of the original faculty members of the Karuna Training Institute and since 1998 has taught extensively in Germany, Holland, France, Austria, Poland, Spain and the US. (,  He also has taught in Chile and throughout North America including as a guest faculty at Naropa University MA Program in  Psychology in 2010 and 2012.  

Paul is currently writing a book on making our emotions work for us instead of against us.

  • Embracing the Energy of Emotions
  • Speaking From the Heart, A Workshop on Constructive Communication
  • Five Personality Theory, Intelligence and Obstacles
  • Contemplative Psychology: Incorporating the Principles of Meditation into Recovery and Everyday Life
  • How to Effectively Work With Strong and Persistent Emotions
  • Skillful Means of Contemplative Psychology
  • The Caregiver and Connecting with Intrinsic Health
  • Enriching Our Relationship Life: A Contemplative Approach
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