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We offer comprehensive counseling to those clients and their families who suffer from:

  • Alcohol and/or drug problems
  • Problem gambling
  • Other compulsive behavior including harmful involvement in work, exercise, sex or the internet
Treatment services include:
  • Comprehensive assessment including assessment for court proceedings.
  • Individual counselling, looking at basic ways of further connecting with health.
  • Family and couples counselling
  • Group therapy
  • Educational services about such topics as the dynamics of substance abuse and learning how to relate to emotions in a healthy way.
Paul Cashman is one of only a few addiction specialists in Atlantic Canada with the C.C.S. designation, which is the highest certification given by the Canadian Addiction Counselors Certification Board, the regulatory body of addiction professionals in Canada.

In October 2004 he gave the keynote address and workshop at the government of New Brunswick's annual addiction conference. An article on addictions by Mr. Cashman is featured in the Health Canada Newsletter, Vol. 14 - No. 3, March, 2006.

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